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The Farms

See the farms here:

In the summer of 2009 we (Amy, Anne and Daniel) visited these 20 farms across the U.S. to learn about their work, do interviews and shoot photo essays for the book Farm Together Now:

City Slicker Farms (Oakland, CA); Freewheelin’ Farm (Santa Cruz, CA); South Central Farmers Feeding Families (Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA); Tryon Life Community Farm (Portland, OR); Native Seeds/SEARCH (Patagonia, AZ); Acequiahood of San Luis People’s Ditch/Acequia Institute (San Luis, CO);  Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger (Atlanta, GA); Mountain Gardens (Burnsville, NC); Jim Knopik (Fullerton, NE); Sandhill Farm (Northeast, MO); AquaRanch (Flanagan, IL); Angelic Organics Learning Center (Caledonia, Rockford and Chicago, IL); Joel Greeno/Family Farm Defenders (Kendall, WI); On The Fly Farms and God’s Gang (Union Pier, MI and Chicago, IL); Participation Park/Baltimore Development Cooperative (Baltimore, MD); Anarchy Apiaries (Hudson Valley, NY); Wild Hive Farm/Cafe/Bakery (Clinton Corners, NY); Nuestras Raices (Holyoke, MA); and Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm/Intervale Center (Burlington, VT).

Download some of the interviews here:

AngelicOrganicsLearningCenter-FarmTogetherNowAquaranch-FarmTogetherNow, GodsGang-FarmTogetherNow, HungerCoalition-FarmTogetherNow, JimKnopik-FarmTogetherNow, JoeGallegosandDevonPena-FarmTogetherNowJoelGreeno-FarmTogetherNow, MountainGardens-FarmTogetherNow, On-the-FlyFarm-FarmTogetherNow, Sandhill-FarmTogetherNow

Mountain Gardens

Mountain Gardens

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  1. Carol Owen permalink
    June 15, 2010 6:49 pm

    Urban farming and the community-driven social and economic development that can accompany it contributes to the important growth of the larger “food democracy” movement, which seems to really be taking off in the U.S., and indeed in many places around the globe. There is something particularly special about urban farming that is organized by a group of people whose cultural values and practices have often been subjugated in their country of resettlement. So finding out that Nuestras Raices is developing in Holyoke is a real piece of important news for those of us who are residents of the Pioneer Valley. Puerto Rico por siempre !

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