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Round-up of recent reviews of FTN

February 4, 2011

Press for Farm Together Now:

  • Treehugger (by Matthew McDermott): Inspirational, informational and just a pleasure to hold, thumb through, or sit with and read more slowly, Farm Together Now catalogs the diversity of small farms and food producers across the United States…Most of the time I have nits to pick with most books that come across my desk for review, but with Farm Together Now I just don’t…[it] belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in sustainable farming and wanting a glimpse of what the future of food may well look like.” (read the full review here).
  • Farmbrarian: “Everyone needs to eat, and these stories illustrate how food issues permeate all aspects of society. Read Farm Together Now and get to know those who are making great strides towards improving access to clean, healthy food, achieving social and environmental justice, and preserving food and farming traditions. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the impact individual efforts can have on improving our food system. An even greater impact can be made if we work to farm together–now!”  See the full review here.
  • Real Food For All blog: Chef Kurt Michael Friese says: “Enter Farm Together Now. Here we find not rock stars but real people, true agrarians in the old sense of the word who understand that food, farms and fertility actually matter in a post-industrialized world. Twenty in-depth interviews with farmers of all types from across the country, accompanied by the illuminating and personal photography of Anne Hammersky, make for a revealing set of portraits – an album of the evolving American farm…These stories provide a convincing argument for the proposition that there is indeed life beyond chemical and confinement farming, and that the solution to the problems of agriculture lies in many strong hands working together to bring food to their neighbors.” (read the full review here)
  • We are happy to share the news that GRIST picked their top 10 food books of 2010 and Michael Pollan picked Farm Together Now. He says: “My favorite book of the season is Farm Together Now: A Portrait of People, Places, and Ideas for a New Food Movement, by Amy Franceschini and Daniel Tucker. It consists of interviews with a wide range of farmers (and activists) who you haven’t heard of. Inspiring without being romantic in the least, it advances the whole conversation about sustainable agriculture and access.”
  • The Chicago Reader (by Martha Bayne): “From the rural Nebraska family man who started a co-op of sustainable meat growers to the young members of God’s Gang who started out raising worms and tilapia in the Robert Taylor Homes and now grow vegetables on borrowed land in Michigan, Tucker and Franceschini’s subjects share a deep, articulated commitment to social and environmental justice and political change. ” (see full review)
  • Bay Area Bites (by Sarah Henry) (see the review)
  • The Greenest (by Derek Denckla) Urban Farming Roundup
  • Mecozy (by Kerstin Svendsen) Farm books and bills
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