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Recent FTN Reviews and Press

August 15, 2011

Camping, Summer 2009 while visiting the Acequia Institute in San Luis, CO

It feels like a pretty long time ago in the summer of 2009 when we were wrapping up our farm interviews and starting to edit down the transcripts that ended up becoming Farm Together Now. And now…It seems like the press is slowing down but some great short reviews and blurbs have come in this summer we wanted to draw your attention to. The rest of the reviews are compiled and linked to here.

  • Taking Root bloggers reflect on the Seattle FTN book event “What was unusual and heartening about the event was that Daniel Tucker, one of the co-authors, used the talk not merely as a plug for the new book, but as a platform for a discussion about the myriad ways that people can contribute to fixing our food system. In fact, he only briefly introduced the book and read a short excerpt before he turned over the remainder of the event to a panel of people who were all deeply engaged in rethinking our food system…As someone who spends a great deal of time thinking about food, I left the talk with a new sense of how enormous this thing we call “the food system” really is. It’s no wonder that finding problems is so easy and that finding long-term, sustainable solutions can seem so difficult. How can we possibly understand the problems and take meaningful action on issues as varied as water rights, the commodities market, public and private housing policies, transportation, social justice, access to food, the environment, defense, international aid, production of nearly everything we use, and education? I’ve asked myself over and over about how I can be part of finding real, workable solutions. What I’ve decided is to take my cue from the panelists and use my own interests as a gateway to the larger discussion…”
  • Food Politics blogger Marion Nestle shouts out FTN and says “The book should inspire anyone to get out and farm.”
  • Slow Money Texas blogger Evita Montes discusses FTN and AquaRanch
  • Smile Politely interview with Daniel as a preview to a reading of FTN at the Common Ground Food Cooperative
  • Rocky Mountain Land Library Recommends FTN
  • EJ Magazine interviews Daniel on the process of making FTN
  • Earth Eats host Annie Corrigan’s Indiana Public radio interview with Daniel about FTN during a visit to Bloomington (Listen here – scroll to 7:21 – or read the transcript here)
  • In My Back Yard host Lisa Bralts on Urbana-Champaign’s WILL AM 580 interviews Daniel about FTN (listen here)
  • A few Reader Reviews have come in too:
    • Ryan says “I love picking up this book! They say “the best argument is a good example,” and this book really shows why. Every time I read one of its stories I am awed by what people are doing in this country. I love living in the city, but reading this really makes me want to be a farmer. The authors show that I can do both! All the photos are incredible, just like the people they feature…”
    • Thomas says “A unique book with an awesome design: Inspiring profiles of people from across the country engaged in the politics of food in the most meaningful ways. Very accessible and very rich. Full of beautiful photographs. This book gives us insight into the work of a range of people from Dairy Farmers in Wisconsin to Urban Gardens in Oakland.”
    • Erin says “The interview style of the book as well as the amazing photography make this an intimate and moving look at how local initiatives can make a difference. One goal of Farm Together Now is to illustrate that an even greater impact can be made if we work to farm together. After reading this book that is exactly what you’ll want to do!”
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