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Edible Infrastructures

February 17, 2012

What makes Edible Infrastructures unique is that they are taking on the challenge of creating systems that can respond to the crisis in the food system. Here is a bit about their proposal in their own words:

We propose a systems based model for urban growth which considers food as an integral part of the energy infrastructure. In contrast to the current urban model where food is an input and waste is an output, ours is an integrated approach considering the urban region as an ecological system with the potential for a closed loop of energy, nutrient and waste cycles. There is a long history of agriculture benefitting from the waste of the pre-industrialized city and while much research has begun into modern techniques our primary focus is on the spatial organization of such a system.

To test out their ideas they developed a case study for the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. Check out the link and an image from the proposal:

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